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giving healthy life 4. Boost your metabolism
Drinking more water (especially cold water) helps increase the energy you spend even while resting: up to 400 kilojoules for every two liters of water you drink.

TIP: When you are tired of old water, add a little lemon to flavor it or a little fruit juice (10%).

5. Healthy joints
Sometimes we feel that our joints need lubrication, and water helps to do this. Water is a major component of the synovial fluid found in joints, and helps reduce friction and protect your joints from injury.

TIP: Eat foods with a high concentration of water. Grapefruit contains 91% water. Watermelon and strawberries contain 92% water. Cucumber and lettuce contain 96% water.

6. Functions of the liver
Your liver helps eliminate waste from your body and metabolize fat. Drinking water regularly helps the liver to carry out its functions unimpeded.

7. Body health awareness
Humans are creatures of habit and carrying a bottle of water every day can help you take better care of your body while you set your goal of drinking at least two liters of water every day. You will begin to slowly become aware of your food and exercise consumption.

TIP: When you have a headache, do not always rush to take an aspirin, drink some water instead and you may feel that your headache is just your body


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