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Synapse XT the clinic. She wanted to hear so badly that she was totally fine with us doing this pretty invasive procedure in the office. And it just demonstrated again the difference between the patient's we see here in the U.S. versus the patients we see when we go over to these developing countries. - Josie came to see me on Monday in the clinic and she has a nasal obstruction so we're gonna do septal and probe but she had a kind of an interesting history and then her mom said that at night she would wake up and it was explained that she really thought that she that was having seizures because she really started to shake. She's been to Guatemala. She's had a work up in Guatemala. They said she did not have any kind of epilepsy but nobody really knew what it was. (dramatic music) - And when she woke up she woke up really crazy. She was kicking, screaming. This is not, this is crazy. (dramatic music) So all of us had to come in and like hold her down. (dramatic music) You know it went on for about 10, 15 minutes or so. (contemplative music) They have something to give to you. - Oh okay yeah sure. - It's a tradition from the Mayan


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