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One Shot Keto  that's twenty nine storm four pounds so you've lost a pound 13 ounces on campus wonderful who have got diabetes and high blood pressure these are the patients that are really going to have significant health problems in the future hopefully the bypass will help him to lose a little bit more weight but it's also going to have an effect on his sugar levels and hopefully see him coming off all of his diabetic medication in due course she'll be our compass and I will election to fight on the 2nd of May fixing a wagon you know it's broke its broken with it's fixed it gets fixed so we get on diabetes is what's going to [ __ ] modern healthcare in the Western world in this century the ultimate end complications of having a heart attack having kidney failure the cost of diocese is hundreds of thousands of pounds a year having to have an amputation because if your diabetes and that's why there is a future in by Adric surgery it saves people money


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