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A Lutheran missionary to Cambodia  visited Instant Manifestation Secrets me in Phnom Penh to ask for some advice about casting out demons. He did not know what to do with a demon-possessed person in his congregation at Siem Reap. He said that in his denomination and Bible College, he was never taught how to cast out demons. After showing him how to use his God-given authority to cast out evil spirits, he was able to return later to tell me that he had successfully cast out the evil spirits from the afflicted person.

For many Evangelical denominations, miracles do not exist at all because according to their leaders, the Bible teaches that all miracles have ceased. They based upon the assumption that God did miracles in the past only for the reason of confirming God's word. To them, not only miracles have ceased but the spiritual gifts particularly tongues and prophecy have also ceased.

Taking 1 Corinthians 13:10, they interpret the Greek word, 'tevleio' which means 'completion' to mean the 'completion' in writing the Bible rather than the completion of the Age. The context of this verse has no indication that Paul even had this in mind when he wrote to the Corinthian Christians.



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