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Have you ever met a person who became Abundance With Money Review wealthy just by saving all his money in a bank. Great entrepreneurs save money in order to be able to afford ventures that make money. The process of wealth creation is supposed to create wealth, not keep wealth in a bank. You can achieve financial freedom by turning your money into assets that can serve a future purpose. The value of money itself decreases over time. You have to turn that money into an investment that increases in value, like real estate in a developing area or stocks of a rising company.

Vices are not only expensive; they're also bad for your health. Let's say you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day and each pack costs $5. In a year, you'd have spent $1825. In 20 years, you'd have spent $36,500, not including the medicine you would have spent on the ill effects of such a vice. That is money that every single person who doesn't smoke saves just by not being involved in one vice. Just imagine how much you would save if you were able to eliminate all your vices. Financial freedom is achieved easier by people free from such expenses.


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