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Looking forward to an axillary  Cellogica Skin Cream  hyperhidrosis surgery treatment What is axillary hyperhidrosis treatment In layman's language, it's a medical treatment to stop sweating. If you are suffering from excessive underarm sweating, then you might need to hear these tips on how to stop sweating.

There's nothing wrong with sweating. It's the body's mechanism to cool itself down to avoid overheating. But excessive sweating in higher intensity must be addressed immediately. It's a condition known as hyperhidrosis, where the sweat glands are functioning in an abnormal way. This condition affects one percent of the population. It affects individuals on different parts of the body. It could be triggered in under arm sweating, hands sweating, feet sweating and face sweating. Sweating occurs in such excessive manner on those areas. Unfortunately, sometimes, these cases could be embarrassing, if not uncomfortable.



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