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This ensures that using this product is absolutely safe. I don't understand why I can keep away from that as soon as they possibly can. So, you can choose any of the given below package according to your requirement and convenience:. Maybe I may not be may be pleased with Truu Keto. Precautions To Be Followed: Take a glimpse of a few precautionary measures that are needed to follow when taking Truu Keto: • Do not allow kids or minors to take this dietary supplement • Store the bottle in a cool, dark, and dry place only • Overdose is strictly prohibited so take it in a recommended manner only • Pregnant ladies and nursing mothers are forbidden for its intake • Return the pack immediately if the safety seal is already broken or missing Contacting The Customer Care Department: Truu Keto is a new product in the market so it is quite obvious that you may still have a plenty of doubts and queries regarding this weight loss supplement.

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