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Shadow boxing is a common exercise Hyperbolic Stretching Review and routine among boxers and mixed martial arts athletes. They usually do it to go through their punches to attack and counter their opponent. Now, with the use of mirrors, it is more common to see mirror boxing than shadow boxing. It is simple and direct. That is where the effectiveness of shadow boxing as a fat burning exercise lies. Most simple exercises can turn to multiple movements to make it a compound movement to make it even more effective. Here are some tips on making shadow boxing a fat burning exercise.

There are several basic movements in shadow boxing. For all the punches, make sure that you get your core involve. This is done by making sure your feet are positioned with one foot in front of the other. Then, you alternate the other foot when you do the other side. There are the jabs, crosses, upper cuts, and hooks. You can combine jabs and crosses to make a compound exercise movement. As a starter of your shadow boxing, you can do 25 jabs for each arm.



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