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Not long ago I received an invitation Secret Death Touches Review to a party which a friend was hosting. This would not be your typical housewives gathering. No Tupperware or candles, no home decor or even purses here! Not at this party. The invitation read "You Are Cordially Invited to Attend a Taser Party" "Come join us for shockingly good time". I became instantly intrigued by the idea. I immediately called in my RSVP and marked the date on my calendar!

The next Friday night I arrive at the party and at first glance it seemed to be just like any other party I had ever attended, loads of women chit-chatting amongst themselves, a wide range of munchies set out about the room, as well as a lot of comfortable seating for everybody. But in seconds we were aware this would be different. I was immediately consumed by a display of lots of tasers guns. I'll admit that at first even the thought of using one of them things kind of unnerved me a little. Would I really be capable of make use of it if I were put a put in a dangerous situation? Would I understand how? I had endless questions running through my head and as it would turn out I was in the right spot to find the answers I needed.

Are Tasers legal Tasers guns are not toys; they are dangerous weapons and should be handled properly. If you'd like to buy a taser, there are actually restrictions you should be aware of. It may also not be legal to carry a taser on your person or as a concealed weapon. It has to be your responsibility to ascertain the legality of carrying a weapon before using it as anything rather than household protection. Please make sure you understand that you possess and use a taser at your own risk



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