Hadriel Sam
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Helping Loved ones understand   Vitamove Back Pain Relief Review chronic painWhen I finally decided that I was going to work on acceptance and managing my pain, a problem came up that I was completely unprepared for.The reaction of friends and family. They were not pleased I stopped trying because 'I was giving up'. According to them, there had to be more tests to have, there had to be another alternative treatment to try. I need to try their acupuncturist, as the one I went to must have been rubbish. I was confused and a bit, very angry. They had seen me trying, they've had to come and clean my home because I couldn't manage, and have been out with me when my back has gone into spasm and I've started bawling in the middle of the street.

How dare they accuse me of giving up

Now I'm a bit further on in my journey, I can now understand that it isn't that they were judging me, they were reflecting their own fears. You see it's not just hard for us to accept that we can't do what we used to, our friends and family have to too. Can you imagine seeing a loved one going through something major and upsetting, and not be able to do anything about it



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