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Have you been wondering why Japanese women and men have such beautiful and youthful looking    Eczema Skin Relief    skin People from Japan are known to age gracefully and it is not just by chance; the secret to that gorgeous looking body is the special ingredient found in Japanese skin care. The name of this ingredient is Phytessence Wakame; this is a unique kelp found in the seas of Japan.Apart from healthy life style which includes regular exercise, yoga and meditation; people of Japan eat wakame as part of their regular diet (we also know that they eat sea food a lot) and also use it in their skincare products.

The power of Wakame lies in its ability to inhibit the activities of hyaduronidase - an enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acids in our body. The level of hyaluronic acid in our body is very important because when it is broken down or depleted, the collagen and elastic fibers lose their glue; the resultant effects of this are dark circles around the eyes and loss of youthful appearance. Hence, wakame helps to maintain high levels of hyaluronic acid in our body and that is why it is incorporated into Japanese skincare.



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