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Once you can cut down on eating dairy Fresh Flora Review  foods, i.e. cows milk, cheeses, butter etc, fatty foods, fried foods, red meats, white products such as white bread, pastas, flour, potatoes, cakes, pastries, pasties and all the tasty foods that we so enjoy, but are really bad for our internal body system, as well as alcohol, which is full of yeast, no chicken, unless the chicken is organic, free range or corn fed, otherwise the chickens are injected with pesticides to speed up their growth, in order to sell quickly and make the farmer a profit but the public at large are the consumers who purchase these products but are not thought of when pesticides are being used. The pesticides causes toxins, which in turn causes poisons in our body which the fibroids feed off and grow even bigger which over time, causes the fibroids to release menstrual blood which becomes heavier and heavier by the amount of toxins that our body is collecting. No we are not aware of all of this because our doctors do not inform us.

So we need to re-educate ourselves and eat foods which are going to agree with our body temple. We now need to understand how our body functions and when it is talking to us in order that we can feed it well and therefore eliminate all sicknesses, diseases and leave us feeling much better healthily, mentally, physically and emotionally.

We therefore need to start eating raw foods and living foods - foods that will provide us with all the nutrients and nourishments that our body crave for and needs. We will at the same time replace all the missing enzymes that our body yearns, in order that it can keep functioning correctly.


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