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MarineFlex Ultra the analysis and treatment to urban communities in 2014 this video It is to impart to you an alternative that aided in the process our scar and recuperation that the development in the neck it is imperative to illuminate yourself with your primary care physician and in this manner have the help of the physiotherapists that can help us a ton in the recovery of our scar valuable hi great day my name is hawk towers I am a physiotherapist and I will clarify how is the administration of a working task of neck bunches at that point it's originally how about we see about the scar this is going to deal with effectively after of a decent month and a half for a little previously or something somewhat later relying upon the mending that have every one then when you don't have it is the coasts and that is all around shut we are going to begin with this we begin first with vibrations nothing else exists a short development every which way it doesn't make a difference if begin from the left side to the privilege be nothing else this opportunity to lose a little the agony sensation or what better and progressively serious that the tissue we spent around multiple times at the best and eight isn't something as severe after we should do the treatment of a bullet similarly as I envision in a reference mark at that point we should go first down everywhere throughout the scar on the off chance that they see I'm not taking I'm not just as nothing else what I am staying my finger without doing it so yell the stone it will be delicate weight and nothing else we load the skin to where it permits us yes military how about we go then right presently down then how about we go up somewhere in the range of 8 and multiple times all through the scar for instance here I officially basic would go to a this would be my second thus at that point we've effectively brought down up we go now.


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