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The book The Trigger Point Therapy Migraine Care Workbook by Clair Davies can give you a really good idea where the pain is actually coming from, since almost all fibromyalgia pain in my experience comes directly from a trigger point.

Now, the thermacare packs only deal with the symptoms of the pain -they don't heal the root cause. In my experience, in order to effectively stop fibromyalgia pain at its cause anyone with fibro pain will have to relax the nervous system and reset muscles so that they are not constantly tense and bracing. Also important is to start changing emotional states of being from tense, worried, anxious, fearful, depressed, angry, and frustrated to happy, enthusiastic, calm, relaxed, appreciative, and open.The reason the thermacare packs work is they relax and open the muscle at a spot level. Now, we want to do this at a global level, relaxing the entire body. Stretching and relaxation programs, and what I call 'emotional sculpting' are great for this.



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