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With a list this expansive, it's hard toOrganifi Green Juice Review imagine how we could possibly prevent these conditions from developing in the first place. They seem so unrelated. In order to understand our role in preventing chronic illness, first we must have a simple understanding of how chronic illness develops as a result of our environment.

To explain how our lifestyle and environment relates to chronic illness, I'd like to share with you a visual that Dr. James Chestnut, B.Ed., M.Sc.,D.C.,C.C.W.P. of The Wellness Practice in Victoria, B.C. teaches. Imagine that when your life begins you are born into a pool of water. You have two items on you: inflatable water wings and an empty backpack.

Your water wings have been inflated for you, but they have a very slow leak. The air in them is expected to last 120 years (the "healthy" human lifespan). As the air leaks out of them, you have less time left. It's called getting older! If there's no interference to these water wings, they'll last you all 120 years.


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