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Eat a full meal before leaving.  Secret Death Touches Review  It's so easy to say "Oh, I'll eat on the way or I'll eat when I get there." But you shouldn't leave your safety to chance. By eating a full meal before you leave, you're playing it smart especially if you plan on drinking at the club. Try to eat 30 minutes to an hour before leaving for the club. Food slows the absorption of alcohol. Drinking on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster. Even if you have a designated driver in your group, you still must look out for you. No one is going to look our for your best interests better than you are.

Don't leave home without a working cellphone. If you phone is not 100% functional, then please get another phone to take with you. There are many prepaid cellphones on the market that can use temporarily until you get your cellphone back to working. When you go out to the club, only go with trusted friends. Trusted means someone who is responsible and someone you have known a long time. This would not be a person who you just met or a friend of a friend. Make sure the people you hang out with have your best interests in mind. Make sure these people will not put you in jeopardy. Even if you have trusted friends. Please don't rely your friends to get you home. What happens if a friend decides to leave the club with someone else? How will you get home? Well, hitchiking is sure out of the question. Did you know that many women have been raped and killed after leaving the club because they caught a ride with the wrong person? Please don't leave yourself vulnerable. It's not worth the risk.



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