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Eat stoical or office constitution  Urgent Cell Repair Review foods to avoid savor Chew nutrition well Drink cool, obvious liquids Try sugent on ice cubes, mints and severe lolly Avoid bothersome smells Stay session up after food for at least two hours Wear loose costume Take complete, moderate breaths when nausea beginning Distract yourself Use a relaxation means Lack of Appetite Eat diminutive snacks or meals when you want, not when you touch you have to Try new foods and recipes Walk before meals Try food in a new place or new surrounding Eat with people or while listening to the radio or TV Arrange for a application to adduce you food Constipation Drink plenty of fluids Eat full fiber foods Exercise Diarrhea Eat small amounts of meat repeatedly Avoid sweets, alcohol, coffee and herb tea Avoid proud vulcanized fiber foods Don’t feed fried, gross or pointed provisions Stay off from strippings products Eat more potassium 



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