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Blood Sugar Formula 
Diabetes is a disorder that affects   the way the body manages blood sugar or glucose. Glucose enters the body through an individual's diet; it then makes its way through the intestinal tract where it is absorbed. Once in the blood stream, the sugar is absorbed by the cells which require the glucose to function. Glucose is an important energy source in the body. In a person with diabetes the blood sugar levels are elevated whilst cell sugar levels are depressed. For people suffering from diabetes it is important to find a cure for diabetes.

A person with diabetes either has cells that are no longer able to absorb glucose (non-insulin dependent or type 2 diabetes) or do not have enough insulin which is the hormone responsible for cell glucose absorption (type 1). In the common type of diabetes, type 2, an individual's cells are said to be have developed insulin resistance. Insulin no longer has its desired effect and blood sugar is no longer absorbed, the glucose is then excreted in the urine.The increased glucose levels in the blood results in different symptoms. The afflicted individual feels excessively thirsty, will urinate frequently, lose weight, have dry skin, have wounds that do not heal easily and will feel tired most of the time.



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