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As was suggested in the last article,  Instant Manifestation Secrets   as the practice of trademarking morphed into branding, it created a category of people who identify themselves by the products they buy. If I buy this shampoo, I am a sexy person. If I buy that computer, I'm hip, casual, and with it. If I buy that computer, I'm stiff, stodgy, and uptight. If I buy a house in that zip code, I'm classy. If I have this tag on my jeans, I'm an iconoclastic rebel. If I buy that bottled water, I'm environmentally savvy.

And our American socio-economic system trains us to identify our very self with externals. This too, is antithetical to the spiritual journey. In my own Christian tradition, we are taught to identify ourselves, not as Americans, but as children of God. We are taught to be just as concerned about Iraqi and Afghan lives as we are about Americans. We are taught to transcend our Protestantism or Catholicism. Paul taught us that for followers of Jesus, there is no Greek, no Jew, no slave, no free, no male, no female. As citizens of the God-Kingdom, we all share equal worth, and are all entitled to the same regard, respect, and concern.

As imperfectly as we live this baseline spiritual reality, our economic system removes us even a step further. Our economics train us not to see ourselves even by nationality, religion, or community, but instead, by the brands we buy. We can't help it. Brilliant people are at work every day making sure it is so.



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