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Keto Advanced  sometimes if you eat too much you're getting too much protein in your diet but even asleep um that's crusty dissolvable ones because he likes them better and then as for like electrolyte esque supplements I take not this one I take potassium citrate which is really really good to get especially if you're not eating like bananas enough spinach different things like that it's always good to have a little bit extra quickly after this I take MCT oil this is unflavored obviously you do not want to add it sugar you don't want to add it anything this is pretty much derived from pure coconut and it's the medium chain triglycerides that help you get into cute ketosis they give you a bit of a fat boost if you're not able to get enough fat calories throughout the day which is a little bit harder for me because like Chris right now he's three meals a day we're probably gonna leave him to two meals a day and I generally only twice or once a day most of the time it's one so it's it's nice to have like this in coffee in the morning just to give me that little 

Keto Advanced Fat Burner  can use it as a hair mask like it's so good for everything coconut oil is a miracle I swear to God and sorry those a lot of noise and then I was using MCT oil powder which is kind of halfway between coconut oil and MCT oil because this is a vegan product however they do at coconut juice powder and coconut milk powder so it has it what does it have it has like 1 gram of carbs total which MCT oil has no grams of carbs um and this has a little bit less fat than PRM cetys so keep that in mind however this is really good to mix in with a smoothie it's really good to men with a protein shake or just like a protein drink in the morning if you want to make it like switch the macros a little bit so that it's a bit more fatty and a little bit

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