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Rezola Growth In this case, use fixing means to form the roller. The base of the beam is stabbed with invisibility or mask with a catchy decoration. The snail hairstyle has several more options. A very popular option is a hairstyle , based on a French braid . When using this method, divide the hair into a straight part. Further from the center of the head, braid the French braid in a circle. In order for the braid to be smooth and beautiful , you need to take hair exclusively from the outside. The braid is braided until it grabs all the hair. After that, braid a regular pigtail, hide its tail under the last row of a braided braid. It is likely that you will not get a beautiful and neat snail hairstyle right away. It is preliminary recommended that you practice several times to hone your skills. Light hair color is one of the most popular when dyeing. Unfortunately, not everything is so simple. A girl with blonde hair can easily turn into a blonde, but the darker the more difficult the process. Before getting the desired result, brunettes and brown-haired women have to repeat the painting more than once. If you do not have experience in dyeing hair, and you have dark hair by nature, then it is more reasonable to start blonding not at home, but in a professional salon. Masters can develop an individual lightening program for you, because they can take into account such nuances as the condition of the hair, its thickness, the desired end result , interaction with previous compositions, if this is not the first color. With their help, you will get a more predictable result of your experiment with color. In addition, hairdressers use professional lightening agents , which means there is less risk of damage to your hair. And finally, they will be able to advise you on how to properly care for weakened and damaged hair. If you are determined to get home experience, then try to buy a suitable paint and oxidizer in professional stores for hairdressers. There are soft or tinted paints on sale. They contain a little hydrogen peroxide, which helps lighten hair by a tone or two, and you turn into a blonde month and a half. In this case, you can also change everything if you did not like the color, or repeat the coloring every month.


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