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RuneScape will launch a brand-new archaeological skill to study the past in depth. During the RuneScape keynote, it was unveiled on RuneFest and will become the game's first new skill in four years, and it will become its 28th skill for players to upgrade.
Meanwhile, over on old style RuneScape, Jagex announced the Morytania Expansion: “Which will opens the vampyre city of Darkmeyer to both desktop and mobile players. Visit to purchase RS Gold. Previously inaccessible, the town will reveal new activities and a replacement high-level agility course. The expansion will deliver Sins of the daddy, the penultimate quest within the Myreque series, additionally to new skilling content and a replacement group boss – the Nightmare of Ashihama. The Morytania Expansion begins early 2020 in.”
Jagex provided more details about RuneScape’s forthcoming Archaeology skill: “Archaeology will see players uncover multiple dig sites across the game’s world of Gielinor to plunder ancient artefacts. As they explore the excavation locations, powerful relics and weapons are uncovered, alongside knowledge and demon pacts that are lost to time.”
Plus, Jagex announced further additions to RuneScape: “The game will repose on these summers The Land Out of your time content with the introduction of The Ranch Out of your time. Enabling players to lift, nurture and farm monstrous Gielinorian dinosaurs, The Ranch are going to be available in game before the top of the year. The arrival of the Ranch Out of your time content will see the OSRS Gold amount cap for 2 of RuneScape’s established skills raised from 99 to 120: Farming and Herblore, which is able to enable players to reap new produce and primal extract from their dinosaurs to form powerful potions.
And Morytania Epansion will not be the only new element of Old School RuneScape. Other new features of Old School RuneScape include a new team system, which allows players to schedule their own matches, which is indeed a good improvement.

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