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Values detected pointed to The End Of Gout  the fact that the lowest of the MUNE suppression values were linked to phenotypic disease like the paralysis of the limbs. Tests also showed that from 28 to 86 days of infection persistent WNV RNA and envelope-positive cells were identified in all of the central nervous systems of the hamsters. WNV or its products were thought to be the contributing factors in neuropathogenisis because of WMV-positive staining colocalized with the neuropathology. Thus results suggest that the main cause of dysfunction in WNV infections are its proteins, there is a association between WMV and chronic neuropathological lesions, and that MUNE can detect neurological sequela efficiently.

Evaluation of MUNE as indication marker for paralysis of limbs was done by measuring the MUNE of WNV-infected hamsters that exhibited varying levels of hind limb paralysis. The MUNE value comparison from paralyzed and non paralyzed hamster limb showed a significant difference in MUNE values. Low MUNE values were observed in paralyzed hamsters while non-paralyzed hamster limbs showed higher values of MUNE showed. Also MUNE from the limbs of infected, but asymptomatic hamsters was found to be within considered normal ranges.

An important detail found was WNV viral RNA titers were found not be indirect correlation with MUNE values or disease. But correlations between neuropathology or MUNE and the existence of viral proteins or particles were found. Further more the relationships between viral envelopes and their correlation with disease pathology were proven though immunohistochemistry.


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