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alka tone keto If starvation diets work there, why will not they work with us? The point is that starvation diets can produce an immediate reduction in weight, but there is a big difference between an abrupt drop in weight and a permanent control. Practically, all the people who lose weight by going hungry recover it again, and even more, in the year following its initial reduction. Apart from being dangerous to health, the problem is that starvation diets tend to reduce the rate of fat loss. The reason is that the body perceives a radical drop in calories as a threat to the system, as a warning of hunger to come, which puts him on guard by making him store all possible calories. The body achieves this phenomenon by reducing its basal metabolic rate (bmr) or speed at which it consumes energy. Metabolism refers to the totality of chemical and physiological processes by which the body produces energy to maintain its vital functions.


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