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Organa Keto Banish rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, margarine and soybean oil and buy a decent olive oil (see article); use organic beef tallow * or, if you like, extra virgin coconut oil (Aldi, DM or Amazon) *.
Eat as much vegetables as you can . The more colorful and fresh the vegetables, the better.
Eat fruit only after exercise, but do not overdo it with the crowd.
If you like muesli , mix it with natural yoghurt, flax seed , chia seeds, protein powder or other protein sources and berries. This muesli is healthy, if less sweet than the sweetened junk that you can buy elsewhere, and it helps you lose weight fast. The best quality protein powders in Germany are Whey * and Collagen * from Primal State.
Eat plenty of protein in the form of meat, fish and eggs and a few healthy fats . Always make sure that everything is natural (Vienna sausages and Pfefferbeißer are not meat, take a good steak rather).


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