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Keto Advanced into for this video but I'm just who knows I'm excited I'm in a great mood I feel like I've been like on a high for a couple months now and I feel like you know what that's my self love coming back I lost up for a minute but she coming back with vengeance vengeance punishment afflicted or retribution exerted for an injury or wrong yes with vengeance vengeance okay she's coming back with vengeance alright clearly it is time for me to go peace out alright guys so it is the next day technically it's like the next night I'm already in bed about to go to sleep I'm looking a little bit rough but yeah before I go to sleep I just wanted to kind of tell you guys a little bit about my day so today is Friday and that means this is my official weigh-in day I'm very happy to let you guys know that I am 3.5 pounds down this week super excited so in total for the last three weeks which has been like my three weeks of getting back on track I am


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