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Heyemjay coupon  can select number of columns you have in a section now in this section in the first section as you can see we have two columns in the left column we have this slider and in the right column we have this menu so what we'll do is we'll select this two columns now we can adjust the width of the columns for example by default it is 50% 50% so both the columns are equal size but we want our left column to be bigger and the right column to be a little bit smaller so for that what we can do is we can just you know bring our cursor in the middle and we can just drag it like this okay now as you can see the size is increasing 

Emjay Coupon look like so again we'll come back to pages click on pages now you'll see this sample page you can delete this sample page not very important now besides because we have set this as the home page now you and decreasing so I want my left column to be 67 percentage okay now as you can see 67 percentage and right column to be 33 percentage so once you achieve this thing now we can add elements in these columns so in the first column we want to add the element of this one okay so this element is called feature


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