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aboutthemcat ideal, it could improve your efficiency and make you feel fresh. It is really important for entrepreneurs, since they spend most of their time in front of the computer screen. Stay as close to nature as possible.

9. Keep one day out of bounds.

It gives your mind and body a time of relaxation. It gives you energy for next week's tasks. Do not schedule meetings or calls that day. Spend that day with you and your loved ones. It will be updated as if you updated your windows after work.

10. Make realistic goals.

Set realistic goals. Do not be afraid to take small steps first, they will lead you to great success. If you want to master anything, take tutorials and follow it. You will definitely master it. Once you achieve your goals, create the new ones.

Statistics have shown that there is an increase in the rate of suicides and suicide attempts worldwide. Although the rate seems to indicate that young women have realized that they have a lot to experience in this department - some say the rate has increased from 11% to 13% from 1999 to 2015 - young men also have a high success rate in the suicide commission. This has been attributed to the fact that children use more violent means to achieve their goal. For example, they may decide to shoot themselves or jump out the window of a high-rise building, or jump into the pond. The latter is the preferred method in Nigeria, where the economic crisis generated by bad government is the order of the day. But the poison is usually the preference of the ladies.

This article is not interested in statistics but in the root cause, spiritual and physical.


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