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That's one of Nba 2k21 Mt those shots that even withstand video game math. Why but I had not even really considered Dame for the pay but he's a fantastic choice. He was about the pay NBA Live a couple of years ago but I've literally never met anybody to play the more recent variants of it. NBA Live 2005 was my shit back at the afternoon though!The old nba live dunk contests were the most entertaining portion of any sports videogame I've ever played. This cover is clean as hell also, instead this than AD staring in my spirit.

Shame this franchise has been butt for like 6 years now. And it'll cost 160 dollars and be known as the immortal edition or some other bullshit. If they have any backbone (up for discussion ), they will donate some of the proceeds to his foundation. You're exaggerating with the 160 correct? I have not purchased 2k in a while, just how much is the most affluent version of the game usually?Yeah it had been 100 final year.

Sport is bugged to shit, it has the exact same bugs since 2k16. These guys do not playtest their matches or make any changes, especially to non-mtx manners. I'm embarrassed I ever gave them money. I think they're not putting Kobe on the cover bc his family actually can not get over that death. And putting him on the cover at this time just prolongs that. They are respecting the family. The family even said they can not get over it due to the amount of pages posting his pics, highlights everything. Imagine the backlash from attempting to earn an excess dollar on Kobe's passing.

Interesting that Dame will be featured on the current generation cover (PS4, XBONE), implying that the next-gen versions could have a different pay athlete. Just like for the next consoles. . . ? Are we coming upon a PS5?PS5 and X Box Series X will launch this holiday season. So, uh yeah. Lol didn't imagine I'd find this much downvoting only for being ignorant of video games.

It has been seven years. Bro where have you been the past 6 months lol. Current gen 2k21 will just be 2k20 using a new cover. Then following gen 2k21 will be the true 2k21. They barely mt for sale 2k21 a year. They're not gont create 2. Watch they are creating 2k21 next gen.


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