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For making the game as popular as Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta is and not just keeping it alive, but thriving, absolutley as wild as some of the monetization tactics are, it is possible to get quite a lot of mileage from a totally F2P account should you know what you are doing

You can absolutely get all of the items that things and play all of the content without paying no cash. Where liberated to play with has issues fashion is. That is how it ought to be.And honestly does better than other MMOs I've played in that area. I have got three outfits have to spend a cent and to change between

I've played JP and NA for a combined total of maybe 300 hours and I've only paid $15 this month for premium and altogether I've had 7 different outfits to change between. Female char. So even the fashion you can really get into without ever paying anything at all.I feel terrible for everyone who had MS Store issues; currently I am sitting at 1 steam reinstall and 0 MS Store reinstalls, 0 tweaker installs. Never missed a day until Tuesday of this week!

I also played with the JP model back when all excess character slots had to be purchased (and were deletable), so that may be coloring my beliefs a bit.The personality slot thing is far from my favorite thing they've done, but it is certainly not EA-tier shitty when you examine the context of what they let you do using the free slots that they do give you. The one thing that gets close to EA-tier shitty is Brand New Finds.

Games would only give you the level 30 Mag food just or once allow you to get credit for a weekly per account. I've played games where people were called"economic terrorists" by neighborhood managers for less than that which cheap PSO2 Meseta allows you to do infinitely with your free character slots.


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