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I would absolutely love Dragon's Dogma Online-styled encounters in Phantasy Star if since it gives us a reason to meseta pso2 learn more about the planet (or at least rapid journey to it to hop in and out) and to have a struggle with the directors and enemies.

I would imagine with how New Genesis would possibly be balanced which every course is viable like how Dragon's Dogma Online cleaned up the vocations so that they were all complete packages that players could expand on and flesh out without needing to engage in matters like exactly what Phantasy Star Online 2 now has (specifically Mags deciding which courses you'll excel at and your skill tree also ascertaining exactly what you gain and lose).

I would personally drop the entire skill tree, and the most important class/subclass method to have something such as Dragon's Dogma Online did with the habit skills, core skills, and the augments with the ability to mix-and-match reinforces, that everyone unlocks core abilities and has them together, and that players define their own playstyle with their custom skills. A large portion of that preference for me is so that you can definitely spend your own time and resources into updating and unlocking new abilities and skills and then after you are all done you can return and mix-and-match items to your liking without even realizing you'd have to fall in cash just like you currently do if you wanted to construct something like an optimal primary course tree and a version for an optimum subclass tree, or invest in another Mag because you're missing about 6-7percent of your total damage (and are missing 200 points to equip your weapons/units).

Despite the extreme grind the game reaches towards the conclusion (such as running the exact same dungeon like about 40-80 times to acquire a single level, collecting Blood Orbs and High Orbs to unlock the little stat boosts that include over over time, and more), I've felt that Dragon's Dogma Online is certainly a good instance of an online game I believe has definitely nailed the"open field" exploration with good gameplay, optional cooperative multiplayer, and still provides both a challenge and comparatively casual experience for those who desire it with no setting up nasty traps for players to get caught in to mess up their builds.

I never liked in Phantasy Star you can mess up your skill trees even though you receive the free opportunity to reset them (it doesn't help when I'm attempting to help new friends play and they already invested their things without me guiding them or notifying them on why they don't need STR Up and buy PSO2 Meseta they wind up running through Level 50+ without their stances and core abilities ).


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