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Peter's like you say no to everyone else saying saying no to things discriminating is actually a part of humanity we have to discriminate every day but we discriminate what is the ultimate good from what is less and as what you're going home to I don't know what chaos you're going home to or what great wonderful life I just know that when you alpha titan testo leave here it gets confusing everything floods bet you leave a retreat where everything is clear and you get your charge like I know okay I'm gonna be a man I'm gonna go home and you walk out the door and you're like but they cut me off in traffic and I hate them so much yeah this is my family i we have road rage in my family so bad my mom will be like listening to praise and worship just so anyway I'm gonna use a couple of specifics from my life how do we what does this look like in all areas how do we as men live this for real though like practically when we go out years ago a friend of mine he was preaching and he put up on a screen he put up a split picture two pictures one was of a fruit plate like a really nice organized arranged fruit plate and then the other picture somebody had just smashed


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