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As recently as ten years ago, no one would have dreamed that people would be making friends and connecting with friends and even entering into romantic relationships entirely online. And yet, that is precisely what is happening. It's called social networking and it is one of the most popular and easiest ways to connect with other people. In fact, social networking is so popular, it has garnered the attention of businesses as well. Essays on social networking examine this phenomenon, it's rapid spread, and its influence. Many of the issues discussed in essays on Internet privacy, Internet marketing essays and cyber bullying essays are also addressed in essays on social networking.

Essays on social networking specifically explore the many pros and cons of this type of networking. Social networking has brought together people from around the globe with common interests and helped establish and cement personal and professional relationships. However, not all of the effects of social networking have been beneficial. Social networking has caused an increase in identity theft, child pornography and cyber bullying. Essays on social networking should discuss these effects as well. Essays on social networking should also explain what users should do to become more Internet savvy about with whom they should be communicating.

Essays on social networking should also list the more popular social network sites such as facebook, myspace, and twitter. A very brief description of their differences can be included as well. A look at how businesses are using social networking to advertise and promote their products is also an interesting topic of discussion to include in essays on social networking.

For additional ideas to include in your essay on social networking, try reading examples of essays on social networking. You can also look at some of the research on this topic, listed on "do essay for me" website, to cite in your paper.

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