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we're going our separate ways now and I think about to go to the gym and work out and I got a sauna at my gym so if I sit in the sauna I'm gonna sweat a lot well you wanna know the worst part about Thursdays is I have to drive right by Timmy hose yes Tim Hortons where I get my apple fritter I get my doughnut every single day not every day but like pretty often I know your boy is sick and I'm sorry but uh and I can't do that so I'm gonna drive right by it and just have to like look at it and we crying meanwhile I'm off to the gym like but I could be eating doughnuts I'm going to the gym man whose video idea was this anyway this Katie's video idea she's like y'all we did that sick like for you and uh you know who could gain the most weight in 24 hours that's the dumbest idea ever here we are I haven't eaten I haven't drinking I had a salad your boy ate us out I don't eat salads okay hungry I'm hungry I'm thirsty oh how you really feel alright guys I'm gonna be a brat for a little bit literally most people want like junk food I literally just want protein because I do not feel good okay Who am I kidding all this stuff looks so good the smell okay I can't oh hey Siri how do I lose weight strength training helps Keto Fit
 gs all right you heard Syria we got do it hi guys the series good to get the giant rubber band thing so we got him and let's go but it's broken so 


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