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Rotita Coupon Code mean i don't know i expected something different like lesser quality but they are really made nicely the the stitching i was looking very close there's no snags there's no hanging strings anywhere um and they're reasonably priced that's the crazy thing like i expected them to be way more and they're not and again i will go ahead and quickly just show you like there's so much room here and i'm loving it and it doesn't feel weird like the arms sometimes when you have hang off this hang off the shoulders that it's like weird but this is not it is not cut weird i have plenty of arm room plenty of room here it's like it hangs which is what i like you know being a bigger girl i don't like anything that fits snugly or whatever um i just have my regular jeans on with this and yeah i just really really like it i do like it i will definitely get some use out of this absolutely um probably more so when fall hits i'll definitely use this but that bathing suit


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