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good for mental function performances things like that and then also they can also help with just longevity having a good amount of ketones in your system to be really really helpful for longevity in general now if you're getting an exhaust ketone product this is important you want to make sure you're getting a bhp salt solution so you've got basically beta-hydroxybutyrate attached to different salts magnesium calcium sodium okay potassium things like that so you get the salt solution you can just view it just straight bhp salts but you'll see the green curve there it gets high quicker quickly but then it drops down faster okay you can do  Vital Keto a PHP with MC t and you'll see okay you get the best rise and at the same time it stays high or longer that's important okay and then of course you can do MCT oil and you get a rise okay but not as high as the ketones and then it drops down pretty quickly so it's important


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