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yourself I've also read hundreds of other books today I'm just going to give you a really brief explanation of what you can start doing today to start changing your life because there is a lot that goes into this but it is actually very simple I wouldn't say it's the easiest thing in the world but it is very simple the only habits and you're changing all of that so it's kind of like going into a garden where you have a bunch of plants planted already but you haven't weeded it in a while and you're taking out all of the weeds and maybe you spend a few hours taking out all the weeds and it's a lot of work obviously the weeds here are symbolic of a lifetime of negative habitual thinking and negative habits that you have acquired it's gonna take a little bit of time to change it but once you take out all the weeds you have so much space to start planting new positive thoughts and start developing new positive actions and habits that are actually going to get you to your goals and to where you want to be so the number one thing that you can start doing today to start changing all o origins keto f this is start talking to yourself in a different way a lot of us have like I said habitual patterns of talking to ourselves negatively one thing I want


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