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Top-5-best-weight-loss-pills body? Like you should get to the end of the day where I talk about doing that hard workout session and it should almost be an option because you stayed physically active all day long; like if you skip that exercise session at the end of the day it shouldn't hurt you that much because you've been moving all day long. And there's something -- you know when I go to a conference, a busy conference for example, I do cold shower morning, cold shower evening and my only rule is that for every hour that goes by during the day I got to do 30 burpees, right. So I'll sneak away, I'll be that, you know, I'll be off in the corner of the hotel room or the conference or back up in my hotel room. I know it takes me two minutes to do 30 burpees. Where by the end of the day, you know if I'm at a conference for let's say you know eight hours, I've gotten 240 burpees I've gotten you know a good four to ten minutes of cold exposure and my body has 



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