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Cave Kraken and its variant Kraken are slayer monsters which drop Trident of the seas, Kraken tentacle and others. Here is a Cave Kraken and Kraken guide to help you learn the strategies to kill them and detailed rewards.

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Strategies for fighting Cave Kraken OSRS

Cave Kraken can be found in the Kraken Cove. It requires 87 Slayer and 50 Magic to assign Cave Krakens, and they can only be attacked once you have them as a slayer assignment.
To attack a Cave Kraken OSRS, first you need to disturb a whirlpool to cause the Cave Kraken to surface. As Ranged attacks are heavily reduced and Melee cannot be used, you should use Magic to deal damage to them.

Strategies for fighting OSRS Kraken boss

OSRS Kraken is the boss variant of Cave Kraken, requireing level 87 Slayer to kill.
Kraken is also submerged underwater, so you need to disturb four whirlpools around it to attack it. A level 112 Enormous Tentacle attacking with Magic will be released. When the Kraken pops out, it also attack with Magic but often misses. The hit from tentacles is much more accurate but deal less damage.

Get Trident of the seas & more from Kraken

Cave Kraken and Kraken are the only monsters to drop OSRS Trident of the seas and the Kraken tentacle.
Trident of the seas: a powered staff requiring 75 Magic to wield. OSRS Trident of the seas has a built-in magic spell which can be used regardless of the spellbook you are using. The spell gives no base experience and grants you 2 Magic experience per damage dealt.
Kraken tentacle: can be used on an abyssal whip to create the abyssal tentacle.

Hope this guide can help you learn more about OSRS Kraken and Cave Kraken.

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