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so my plan is to go live every Monday at 1 p.m. that's my plan I'm hoping I can stick to it and every Monday at 1 p.m. I want to give away something and I had a lot of different channels tell me they would donate somebody was donating an apron someone was donating my sister was donating something to donate and I wanted them to keep it at OCD so they could mail it out but they didn't they sent it to me which means I have to mail it out so now I'm thinking maybe I'll just keep this one and then I'll order one directly off the internet and have that mailed out to the winner and that way I get to almost for the price of one and with the shipping included so that makes sense to me I might just keep one for me and male and another one out I'll make up my mind before tomorrow okay here we go Naveen West I have to give you the little spiel the deal with this is it's the clothing subscription service they have stylists who pick out clothing just for you there's no monthly fee there is there is a postage fee but if you order from  Kohls coupons
 if you're interested in what I show you and you'd like to try it you get your first


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