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it's more so a low-carb diet which is what I'm doing it's a little bit more flexible so if I want to have some fries I can have some fries because I just kind of count in those cards whereas keto is 20 grams less and you have high fats I don't do that anymore I just do it works for me which is the modified keto version of keto but meat girl you asked a couple questions you also asked do you milk prep I don't but y'all it Keto fit is a life saver I did it like maybe a couple weeks ago but I'm not consistent with meal prepping at all I need to so you ask another question what do you eat in a day now I can make a full video on that if you would like to there's nothing really special so to answer your question really quickly for breakfast I will always have eggs and I try to have avocado and some type of meat for lunch it just depends now that I'm modified this is when I might like splurge I might go through a drive-thru in heaven and out and then just get the protein style it's


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