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Zephrofel South Africa  short and a hollow tube we call it a noscope and it's a three to four inches long and about one inch in the diameter and may have a light on the one end and a doctor course the endoscope with a lubricant and then anesthetic and then it gently pushes it into the anus and rectum you know so by shining a light into this tube the doctor has a clear view of the lining of the lower rectum of the anus and this will be a mission usually doesn't hurt because it dull and the blood doesn't go deep the next one is the rigid practicing microscopy with another testers it was test this much like about the NS Co and expect it is bigger it's about it's much bigger than the hey no scope it's about can be ten inches long and this allows the doctor to see the rectum and the lower portion of the signal sigmoid colon so it can go further deeper you know so you might need to take relaxants or the legs a tips and to have an anywhere before to clear though let remove the spool from the area too so doctor can see clearly and if doctor see any kind of abnormality they or any growth or any kind of lump there so he will take a piece of that material to see in


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