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Sophia Berton Cream     If the above remedies do no longer decorate the situation of the dry pores and skin, it's far possible that the flaking is an indication of underlying dermatitis (which is likewise referred to as eczema). There are incredible types of dermatitis which could cause dry, itchy, flaking pores and skin. They include:eborrheic dermatitis: a purple, scaly, mildly itchy rash at the scalp, eyebrows, and factors of the nose in areas that consist of many oil glands.Allergic touch dermatitis: a rash that results while the skin comes in contact with a substance that causes an allergic reaction, consisting of poison ivy. Allergic touch dermatitis of the arms often motives scaling, redness, and vesicles (blisters full of fluid) at the fingers or fingersAtopic dermatitis: prolonged-lasting form of dermatitis generally beginning in youngsters that has an inclination to run in families. It additionally may motive excessively dry, itchy pores and skin at the face and frame.


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