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supplement responsibly as directed too much of a good thing can be a problem for example if your sex drive becomes too high you I feel like you can't control yourself as well you need to show restraint if you're only thinking about sex and fantasizing all day it's gonna be hard to get your work done you might find yourself watching too much pornography when your partner isn't around so that would be zylophin rx another sign that maybe it's time to decrease your dose again please take this supplement responsibly next question we get a lot is I had problems being faithful to my partner in the past will this supplement make me unfaithful to my wife and this is a sticky question and I think it's a deeper problem some people may call it a commitment problem others may argue that there's genetic reasons why some men are less faithful than others and other people would just say that you had a lapse in judgment and I can't tell you exactly why you were unfaithful in the past but if you were unfaithful and the only reason that you've been faithful to your wife is because you can't get it up for your woman on the side then will this supplement make you more likely to go back to your mistress yeah probably but don't come


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