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Trend trading is the most profitable Scalping Detector  trading strategy. Fortunes are always made when you can spot a trend at the right time, ride it and exit it before it's too late. If you can do that you are going to become rich. This is what the hedge funds and the savvy traders do. The uptrend in the gold market started though a long time back when gold prices were hovering around $500-600 per ounce. But you can still ride it now as most experts are predicting that eventually prices can reach as high as $3000-$5000 per ounce.I started having the passion for currency trading as I had nagging feelings about investing in this industry. I had the business sense to follow this entrepreneurial instinct and responded to start doing live trading as a business. The first thing I did in response to this was to ask around from people who have sufficient amount of knowledge on currency trading. I worked on coming up with all the questions I had in mind, thinking that for a newbie like myself back then, there is really no stupid questions. I also made sure that I am able to connect with the right people in order to have credible answers. Noting their answers down, I committed to following their step by step action while keeping in mind the business strategies that they applied


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